Dating Tips & Online Dating : About Interracial Singles Dating Sites

Hi, I'm Donna Barnes, I'm a life and dating coach and owner of NY Dating Coach in New York City In this clip we'll talk about interracial singles dating sites

And one of the best ones is Interracialmatchcom And what's really terrific about it is besides just matching people up it has a really great forum and chat room You can listen to success stories of other people, you can chat about topics of interracial – you can ask things like you know why is someone attracted to people outside their race and those kinds of things So it's got a lot more going on than just introducing you to people, and it's pretty reasonable, it's nineteen-ninety-nine a month and it's got lots of people

And they actually verify your photo and your age and your occupation and everything, so they do a little bit of screening for you which is nice The other one is Interracialweb which has a magazine and a blog and you can certainly blog and add things and it definitely introduces you to people but it's more of an interactive website in all sorts of other things besides just meeting people This is Donna Barnes from New York City

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