Dating Tips & Online Dating : Best Online Canadian Dating Sites

Hi, I'm Donna Barnes, I'm a life and dating coach and owner of NY Dating Coach here in New York City In this clip we'll talk about the best online Canadian dating sites

And there are two really top ones because they both allow you to pay in Canadian currency and not have to pay in American currency and transfer it over So first there's CanadianPersonals which lets you create a free profile and again it's all definitely just Canadian money and Canadian dollars There's a number of scheduled events in numerous cities hosted by actual members that it tells you about so it gives you more ways to connect And it tells you if any members have been inactive and so it keeps a very close watch on what is actually happening The next site is Date

ca which also allows you to pay in Canadian dollars, it has a twenty-four hour customer care staff that is available seven days a week and they can help you out with anything that you need a little bit of extra care with, and they have a really well balanced number of men and women profiles so it's not like there's more of one than another This is Donna Barnes from New York City

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