Write a Great Online Dating 1st Message | Dating Tips

All right, so let's talk about the first message that you send on an online dating site to somebody you're interested in You've seen their profile, you've read through it thoroughly, you've actually paid attention, you've looked through their pictures

You're going to try to pull something from that profile to make that connection If you see that they have an interest that you have similar, you talk about that Keep it very lighthearted and simple It should be maybe three or four lines of "Hey, I noticed your profile I think you're very attractive

I noticed we both love to cook I'm taking this class nearby Maybe one day we can take it together" Something that starts the conversation It shows that you actually paid attention to what they wrote

We've been talking about through other videos, I'm sure you've watched all of them We care that you actually pay attention to us so let's pretend you do If you do that and if there's a mutual attraction, then you're going to make that date Keep it light, keep it simple, keep it fun