The Truth About Online Dating

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com and today we're talking about online dating It's very, very popular these days and a lot of people are doing it, and a lot of people are figuring out that this is a really easy way to meet people Well, I think that yes in some cases this is true but there's also a few things you need to think about, so today we're going to go over the three reasons why you should wait on online dating So number one a lot of people think that dating in itself is very time consuming, which is very true So what they do is they go and sign up for a Match profile and an eHarmony profile and all that to think that doing that will save time

So in my experience and other people's experiences, I've found that this statement is false Online dating takes almost just as much time, potentially even more than actually going out there and trying to meet somebody I mean you've got to be looking at profiles, commenting on profiles, tweaking your own profile, waiting for responses back If you're a guy, you're messaging God knows how many girls every day and if you're a girl yours sifting through God knows how many messages every day so this stuff takes a ton of time In fact it's a lot easier to actually just go out there and put yourself in the world to try and meet people instead of relying on going in sifting through profiles

So that's like volunteering or just going to bars and clubs but maybe you don't need people that way and approaching girls that you see during the day I mean there's an endless possibilities of people you can meet outside of online dating Number two is a lot of of guys say to me that there's not really a lot of quality women out there in the real world and that they gotta go and find someone online because the girls of the bars and clubs are not "quality" There are tons and tons of quality women out there who you won't find online The third reason why you might want to wait on online dating is because dating is because you need to practice your social skills

There's a lot of guys out there who tell me that they're signing off because they're scared to go out and approach girls They're scared of the face-to-face rejection They're scared of putting themselves out there, so instead they're using online dating to cover up all these insecurities It's easier to message someone, you know, through the internet and actually going up to someone in person and telling them they're looking cute These are important tools

And online dating is not going to make you any better because by the time you get on that first date, where are you going to be with that? Eventually you're gonna have to meet them in person If you thought of any of those before or any of those have come across your mind then I urge you, wait on online dating, wait to make a profile, and instead go out there Get yourself in the real world and start meeting people face-to-face Start facing your fears Get out of your house

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True Facts About Dating Sites

Facts About Dating Sites The Lions Ground Entertainment Group The internet can be an effective place to find love 37% of single people have used them

keep watching! according to a recent Pew Research study approximately 37 percent of single people have used some form of internet dating site and approximately 17 percent at online daters have found long-term love online with well over a million paying members and 20,000 new members joining each day Matchcom is the leading online dating site and overall online dating sites are expected to 119 billion in revenue this year alone money matters when looking for love online women seek men with high paying jobs intern men are more likely than women to reveal financial information about the woman's women are picky when it comes to picking dates women are more selective than men even later in life when the male to female ratio favors men women continue to be pickier than men this phenomenon can be explained by the fact that women on average are more willing to wait to find a compatible partner while man would rather find someone fast men like women young and pretty while women focus on finances may not for beauty and youth these preferences can be explained by evolution while guls seek security guys look reproductive compatibility A man wants a woman with whom he can have healthy, attractive offspring everyone seeks similarities online daters both men and women are more likely to date people within their own race however women have a higher preference for same race makes than men do most dating site users also prefer to date within the same religion and political group smokers tends to prefer smokers non-smokers seek out non-smokers and those without kids are more likely to prefer otherchildless singles

Grammar matters! Studies have shown that when it comes to online dating profiles and messages grammar matters just as much as the content itself poor punctuation is a turnoff to both sexes Honesty counts Accurate representation of self is more likely to lead to a second date While it's okay to choose the option "I will tell you later," it's not okay to lie A recent Newsweek article discussed how 20% of online dating users lying about their age on average women decrease their way to buy 85 pounds when outright lies are contained in an online dating profile it can lead to immediate discontinuation of the relationship don't waste anyone's time just be honest Some sites are serious; others are soft

while some online dating sites are heavily populated with people seeking long-term commitments others of a love folks looking to hook up and move on serious sites like eHarmony focus heavily on personality characteristics and similarities do your homework before paying a penny and joining a dating site ind out the statistics and read the reviews Thank you very much for watching select another video and do not forget to subscribe I'm Brian and this is The Few The Proud The Lions Ground Entertainment Group

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