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Hi I'm Kris Anderson author of Kissing Frogs – Tall Tales and Insights from the Dating Pond simply put after observing and being on 412 dates in over five years all i can say is – WOW! if you're a woman who is single or you're divorced and you are out there in the dating pond or perhaps you are a father and your daughters are complaining all the time about their dates it will definitely resonate with my new book so what I want you to do is to go to our Facebook page called THE DATING POND or http://wwwFacebookcom/TheDatingPond and LIKE us and download the free chapters or take a look at the URLs on the screen and download those three FREE chapters about dating perhaps you have a really good story and you want to share it with me you can write me and submit those stories on http://wwwfacebookcom/TheDatingPond and or write me and I would be loving the moment to interview you on my radio show THE DATING POND

so thanks a lot for tuning in and remember: PUCKER-UP Princess there's a lot of work to do thanks so much Kris Anderson of Kissing Frogs in the Dating Pond http://wwwKisingFrogsintheDatingPond

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