Relationship & Dating Advice : Internet Dating Tips

Hi, I'm Donna Barnes I'm a life and relationship coach and owner of NYDatingCoach in New York City

In this clip we're going to talk about what you need to know about Internet dating And the first thing you need to know is, don't take it personally It's not personal until you've actually got into a relationship with the person So if he doesn't reply to your e-mail, or she doesn't get back to you, it could mean a million things They might just be busy

They might not have got the e-mail They might have met somebody else already It's not about you It's probably more about them Secondly, have a picture that looks like you

The biggest complaint I hear from people is that the person showed up and they didn't look anything at all like their picture It's kind of like lying Don't waste their time You might be wonderful, so put that out there for who you are, not lying because your picture is something different And if you go to meet them, coffee is a good suggestion

Don't have to go and make it a big long drawn out meal It's really just to see, are you attracted to this person Do you have chemistry or not? And take your time Get to know the person and enjoy it This is Donna Barnes, life and dating coach in New York City