Using Online Dating Sites : What to Do After Your First Internet Date

Hi, I'm Marilyn Anderson, I'm the author of the dating book "Never Kiss a Frog" I'm here today on behalf of expertvillage

com to talk about how to do effective internet dating Right now we're going to be talking about what to do after that first contact is made? Maybe somebody has written to you that they would love to meet you Or maybe you have selected somebody? Now if it's somebody you want to proceed with, what's next? Do you want to start emailing? Sure a couple of good emails can give you lots of information You can ask questions about them See what kind of answers they give

I just don't recommend over exposure on emails Back and forth emailing is fine a little bit, but not for too long It's said that if you don't meet somebody within 2 to 3 weeks, you're probably not going to So after a few emails back and forth, get their phone number, put the computer away and bring out the trusty phone You can tell more in a conversation with somebody than all of the emails in the world

It gives you a sense of their personality Whether they're friendly, whether they're dull, whether you have common interests You can talk about things to see if it's an easy conversation or if they're making it hard for you Talk on the phone and then before too long, decide if you do or if you don't want to meet Then if you decide if you do, put the phone away and it's time to meet them face to face